November 26, 2021

Why you should be spending winter on the Thanet coast

The seaside may be seen as bleak and undesirable during the winter months, but there are many reasons for you to wrap up warm and embrace the cold, wet, and wind of the Thanet coast.

Why you should be spending winter on the Thanet coast

In fact, many would argue winter is the best time to be in Thanet. Here’s why:

Stunning Sights and Open Spaced Beaches

It may not be the time of year to bathe in the sun or enjoy an ice cream, but the winter months arguably offer beachgoers much more than the summer

Catch amazing sights of the UK coastline, including impressive wave formations and cliff views, as well as a winter sunset or sunrise, all while enjoying the beach to yourself without having to deal with the large crowds the summer months bring.

Beaches are often dog-friendly zones during the winter, too, as it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a peaceful walk along the coast with a feline friend.

Thanet itself is home to five Blue Flag International Beaches and five award-winning seaside beaches, while the Kent Heritage coast was ranked in the top ten in the world for Thanet’s ‘best in travel’ guide for 2022.

Explore the Local Town

Taking a stroll through a seaside town during the summer is very enjoyable, but the winter coastal town experience has unique benefits.

Not only does a lower footfall mean less crowded shops, more availability for the best seaside restaurants, and a more relaxed experience, you’ll also find yourself embracing the authentic coastal town culture rather than just being another tourist.

With the busy nature of seaside towns during the summer months, visiting during the winter may better match your preference.

Broadstairs in Thanet is well-known for its bustling seaside town, which includes a thriving foodie scene. You can also visit the former holiday home of the legendary author Charles Dickens, which is said to be part of his inspirations behind writing Betsy Trotwood and David Copperfield.

Arts and Culture

While summer at the beach is for long days in the sun, the winter months are when beachgoers can explore the UK coast’s creativity and history.

UK coastal towns are often rich in history, especially in Thanet, which has strong historical connections to the Second World War, the Vikings, Romans, and even the Royal Family. Queen Victoria spent her holidays as a child in Ramsgate while being home to the UK’s only Royal Harbour.

Margate is known as the coastal creative capital of the UK, home to some of the country’s most talented artists and creatives, while also being home to the iconic Turner Contemporary Art Gallery.

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