Reporting Repairs or Defects

In your newly-built home, repairs to the property required within the first 12 months are known as end of defect repairs. If your home was built within the last year and has a problem, you will need to complete the form below. All defect repairs are carried out by the tradesmen who built your new home.

Examples of non-emergency defects (faults) your property may have include:
- Shower screen leaking
- Problems with light fittings and sockets
- Faulty taps
- Problems with water temperature
- Door easing/sticking
- External lighting not working.

Defect period

As your home is a new build, repairs in relation to your property that are not a result of damage caused by residents are referred to as ‘defects.’ The first 12 months after a property was built is known as the ‘defect period.’ During this period it is important that you contact us directly to report any notifiable defect issues.

Any issues reported to us will be forwarded to the relevant tradesmen and they will then be rectified accordingly.It is important that you report defects using the online form provided. As making direct contact with the tradesmen may result in delays to requests being processed, and subsequent remedial works not being logged and completed.

Aftercare Team visit

You will be offered a visit by our Aftercare Team up to eight weeks after you first occupy the property. The purpose of this visit is to see how you are settling into your new home and if possible, to help you with any questions or problems that you may have. The Aftercare Team is also able to take details of any defects during this visit.

After the ‘defect period’

Following the expiry of the 12 month defect period, any notified defects will be completed by our tradesmen.

Report a defect/repair

Please report all defects/repairs using our online form using the form below. All defects/repairs MUST be notified in this manner.

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