September 8, 2021

The tea party taking place on Ramsgate Main Sands this September

A tea party will take over Ramsgate Main Sands on the afternoon of Sunday, September 26th, as part of the 200th-anniversary celebrations of Ramsgate Harbour's 'Royal' status.

The tea party taking place on Ramsgate Main Sands this September

The 'Tea party on the sands' is in recognition of a historic Ramsgate tea party which took place over 80 years ago.

In 1939, former town Mayor ABC Kemp staged a beachfront tea party for the people of Ramsgate. Despite Kemp inviting 1,000 people, over 20,000 arrived to enjoy what became a remarkable event.

Video footage recorded from British Pathe shows flocks of people covering Ramsgate Main Sands, enjoying the festivities provided by the former mayor.

The tea party took place just before the outbreak of WW2, in which Ramsgate Harbour was essential in the 'Operation Dynamo' evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, while the Ramsgate tunnels housed many soldiers throughout the war and protected locals during German bombing raids.

Five years on from the last time the original Ramsgate tea party was recreated on the main sands, organisers plan for this year’s tea party to unite the local community in a similar spirit to the people of Ramsgate in 1939.

Locals are encouraged to come along to the event, with picnics available to purchase from Ramsgate's seafront venues, as well as the option to bring your own picnic to enjoy.

The tea party is just one part of the once-in-a-lifetime 200th anniversary of Ramsgate Royal Harbour festival coming to the town from September 24th until September 26th, in which an attraction-packed and action-filled weekend will celebrate the town's unique Royal status.

Ramsgate was awarded the title 'Royal Harbour' by royal decree in 1821 by the reigning monarch King George IV. It is the only 'Royal' harbour in the UK to this day.

Festival attractions include a Dunkirk ‘Little Ships' fleet demonstration, water displays, funfair, Navy ships and 'the Royalist', a submarine simulator (TBC) and a drumhead service for the unveiling of a new statue of King George IV, which many hope can be completed next year.

After the former King's statue sculptor Dominic Grant passed away in November 2020, £60,000 is needed to fund the bronze casting, site groundworks, plinth and the statue's many journeys to complete the works, with which the festival and tea party are helping to raise awareness for. You can donate towards the statue raise at the statue raises JustGiving page here.

The tea party will be hosted in front of the Blueberry Homes Royal Sands Ramsgate luxury beachfront apartments just steps from Ramsgate Main Sands. Learn more about the available apartments here.