September 29, 2021

The health benefits of enjoying sunlight in the UK’s coastal sunshine capital

Met Office data has revealed Thanet is the UK coastal destination that experiences the most sunshine, with a staggering 724.09 hours annually.

The health benefits of enjoying sunlight in the UK’s coastal sunshine capital

There’s nothing better than a day at the coast in the sunshine, but do you know the range of health benefits that come with increased exposure to the sun? Here are some of the reasons you should be heading to the Thanet coast for your sunlight fix.

Improved sleep

Research suggests that one hour of natural sunlight is critical to improving your sleep, as sunlight regulates your circadian rhythm by telling your body when to increase and decrease your melatonin levels. Increased exposure to sunlight will enhance melatonin within your body, helping to improve your sleep.

Strengthened immune system

Your immune system needs vitamin D to reduce your risk of illness, infections, cancer and mortality after surgery. Consistent exposure to sunlight can ensure your immune system is at its strongest.

Improved mental health

Researchers have found more mental health distress in people during seasons of less sunlight, while seasons with increased sunshine result in better mental health. Sun exposure increases your serotonin levels, helping to improve your overall mental health and provide stability.

Lower blood pressure

Your body releases nitric oxide into your blood when sunlight hits your skin, a compound that brings down blood pressure and improves heart health, reducing your risks of cardiac arrest and stroke.

Increased energy

Sunshine gives our brain signals to be awake and alert, helping us feel more lively and energetic. Studies revealed that we have more energy during sunnier seasons because we are exposed to higher levels of sunlight.

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