July 13, 2021

The best ways to get active in Thanet

Summer is the perfect time to get active and try something new. Here are some activities you can take upon the Thanet coast this summer to help you get busy and see the best of the stunning isle.

The best ways to get active in Thanet


Thanet’s long, connected coastline makes paddleboarding very popular with locals. Paddleboarders can glide across the water whilst enjoying stunning views of Thanet’s beaches and bays whilst having an excellent low-intensity workout. Thanet has recently become a popular location for paddleboarders, including one local who uses his paddleboard to commute between work.

Open Water Swimming

The Thanet coast is known for being one of the UK’s best for open water swimming, and the activity has multiple health benefits. Open water swimming can help improve the quality of your sleep, boost your immune system and burn calories, among other benefits.


Thanet has many great surfing beaches, including Botany Bay, Joss Bay and Viking Bay. Not only is surfing a fun activity, but it also helps strengthen muscles, burn calories, improve your skin and improve your balance and flexibility.


Staying on land, Thanet has plenty of fantastic cycling routes that help you explore the stunning isle. Travelling along the isle on wheels, you can soak up the culture of Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate while being active at the same time.


For those adventurous enough to try this adrenaline-fuelled sport, Thanet has a fantastic windsurfing community. Minnis bay windsurfing club is a close-knit group, helping make windsurfing accessible to locals. Windsurfing has multiple mental benefits, as well as improving core strength and increasing cardiovascular endurance.


With Ramsgate being home to the UK’s only Royal Harbour, it’s no wonder Thanet is such a popular sailing location. Broadstairs sailing club is very popular with the local community, with famous past members including late former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Walking and trailing

With nature reserves, award-winning beaches and maritime history all across the isle, Thanet’s stunning coast is the perfect place to enjoy a summer stroll. There are plenty of coastal routes to enjoy all across Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate, through which you can soak up local culture and awe-inspiring views.

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