October 15, 2021

Second phase of Royal Sands Ramsgate properties sell out

There has been a high demand for coastal living over the past year, and now we have sold all our phase 2 luxury apartments on the Royal Sands development.

Second phase of Royal Sands Ramsgate properties sell out

Following on from the success we had selling out phase 1, we have now sold a total of 46 apartments on the development, well ahead of our schedule. Work onsite only began in July 2020, yet we are well ahead of phase three construction to keep up with the property demand.

With most of the apartments in phase 1 now handed over and occupied, we have also started to receive some great feedback, including many photos of the stunning sea views

We are more than pleased to see such high demand for the Royal Sands Ramsgate development continue throughout phase two this year and for residents to already be setting into their new homes.

Ramsgate also recently enjoyed the celebrations of its Royal Harbour 200th anniversary. The event which we supported proved a great success and attracted many thousands of local and out of town visitors to the area.

There's a real sense that this seafront location is becoming a vibrant, culturally rich place to live, play and enjoy, along with its immense history and maritime heritage.

There is a great buzz about the seafront and harbour area and where it is heading. We are very pleased to be a part of that evolution.