November 18, 2021

Ramsgate, Thanet, and the Kent Coast across the Media during October and November 2021

Kent’s Heritage Coat, Thanet and Ramsgate have all experienced plenty of positive news over the last two months, featuring in regional and national media multiple times.

Ramsgate, Thanet, and the Kent Coast across the Media during October and November 2021

Here are some of the top stories around the Kent coast during October and November, most notably in Thanet and Ramsgate.

Ramsgate Main Sands, where luxury beachfront development Royal Sands Ramsgate is located

Kent’s Heritage coast named 4th best in travel worldwide for 2022

Kent's heritage coast, including the Isle of Thanet and Ramsgate, has been named the fourth-best location in the world in this year's Lonely Planet Best in Travel for 2022.

The high ranked area has been praised for its history, heritage, iconic natural landscapes, and commitment to sustainable tourism initiatives and regeneration. Kent's coast is also known for its sandy beaches, iconic chalk faces, and a thriving cultural and creative scene.

Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate were also individually praised in the late summer when Met Office data confirmed Thanet as the coastal sunshine capital of the UK, receiving the most hours of sunshine on average each year over any other British coastal location.

International Film Festival and national Paddleboarding events hosted in Broadstairs

Broadstairs was the host of two major events of international and national status during November and October, both proving to be huge successes.

From November 9th-11th, Thanet's seaside town hosted the prestigious international film fest, previously hosted in London, Nice, Madrid, Antwerp, and Milan. Attendees had the chance to watch 100 movies for free, along with the opportunity to take part in Q&As with attending filmmakers.

Broadstairs also hosted the year's final race for the national paddleboarding GBSUP series on October 16th. Many locals attended the race, and now Ramsgate is offering paddleboarding safari tours along the Thanet coast as the isle becomes an ever-popular paddleboarding destination.

Phase 3 of Royal Sands Ramsgate development sells over 60% of properties in less than 24 hours

Blueberry Homes announced the availability of the third phase of properties for Royal Sands Ramsgate last Friday to keep up with rising demand; within 24 hours of the announcement, only 9 of the 22 phase three properties were left.

Phase three follows from the success phases one and two, which were sold well ahead of schedule. Within eight weeks of phase two going live, Blueberry Homes sold 46 properties, including all 21 from phase two.

Also, in November, a new Supermarket at the old gasworks site in Ramsgate announced it would be opening next month. Blueberry homes will also be building 58 new flats on the site to provide affordable housing to the town.


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