September 2, 2021

Ramsgate in the media - the top stories this week

With Ramsgate’s recent surge in popularity, the town has gained more attention than ever before.

Ramsgate in the media - the top stories this week

Here are some of the recent media coverages and news stories Ramssgate has received over the last couple of weeks.

Record numbers of Londoners move to Ramsgate

Ramsgate has emerged as one of the many places that former commuters are flocking to over the last year and a half.

New data suggests this is down to the pandemic and a recent shift to home working.

The recent article from Kent Live highlights how social changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has loosened the squeeze on the commuter belt and has allowed more people the choice to move somewhere a little less hectic.

Freed from the need to live near their workplace by either working from home or less frequent commuting, the capital’s migrants are searching for better value properties with more living space, improved work-life balance, less stressful lifestyle, and coastal living.

Learn more about the relocation shift from London to Ramsgate in this article here.

Details of £19.8 million Ramsgate ‘Levelling Up’ proposals published by Thanet council

A recent article has highlighted plans for a ‘Green Port’development in Ramsgate projected to create 800 jobs, a Green Hub training centre for apprenticeships and training, hospitality, fishing fleet proposals and community kitchens.

A final bid document from Thanet council has stated they are looking to receive £19.8million in government funding for the project to be completed.

Ramsgate county councillor Karen Constantine commented:

“The plans look extremely exciting, and I welcome all ideas that regenerate Ramsgate and create much-needed employment, especially for our younger residents. These ideas will certainly help to boost our tourism offer and improve the area for locals and tourists alike.”

Learn more about the Ramsgate ‘Green Port’ regeneration plans here.

2021 British Kitesurf Freestyle Championships in Ramsgate

From the 20th to the 22nd of August, Ramsgate locals had the opportunity to watch incredible stunts from some of the UK’s top kitesurfers.

Around 70 competitors from all over the UK competed, including Thanet’s own Mattia and Francesca Maini, currently part of the Youth Kite Foiling British Sailing Team and aspiring to be part of the Olympics squad in the future.

Live music and a variety of outdoor leisure stalls were also present, with the whole festival taking place right in front of the Royal Sands Ramsgate property development at Ramsgate Main Sands.

To see photos from the event, visit here.

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