March 7, 2022

Look back at Ramsgate’s storied history

The seaside town on the east coast of England has been part of many significant roles throughout British history and is one of the UK's vintage coastal locations.

Look back at Ramsgate’s storied history

Ramsgate's prominent location, a vast array of sandy beaches and links to high-profile events means the seaside favourite based in Thanet, Kent, has enjoyed a unique and celebrated past.

The town's Royal harbour is recognised for its role in the Napoleonic wars, as British troops were quartered at the seaside town before embarking for the continent. If you follow Madeira Walk towards Ramsgate's East Cliff, you will find a reminder of this through the Wellington Crescent.

The harbour is a defining characteristic of Ramsgate since it earned a Royal title from King George IV in 1820, becoming the only Royal Harbour in the UK to this day. The 200th anniversary of the Ramsgate Royal Harbour title was celebrated with a three-day festival across the town in September 2021.

Ramsgate Royal Harbour earned it’s Royal title in 1820 from King George IV, after enjoying his time in the town so much when once passing through on his way to Hanover, Germany.

Ramsgate was also crucial in the WW2 evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, being a chief embankment point for boats returning surrounded British troops from the French coast back to the British shores. From May 26 to June 4, Ramsgate based ships helped to safely evacuate over 338,000 British and French troops from Dunkirk back to the UK.

Many famous residents have resided in Ramsgate over the years, including renowned architect Augustus Pugin, Artist Vincent Van Gogh, and British Royal Princess Victoria before she became the Queen of England.

Being so close to London, Ramsgate has also been an ever-popular seaside location for holidaymakers. It became famous for attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each year from the 1900s onwards, especially during the 50s and 60s.

Ramsgate was the go to location for UK holiday makers during the 50s and 60s, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each year.

Ramsgate's unique, storied maritime history has contributed to the town's top ranking in Property Market Index's latest report. Ramsgate was named the number one coastal relocation spot for Londoners, with neighbouring seaside towns Broadstairs and Margate finishing second and third.

The report explains Ramsgate's high score through the town's culture and heritage, alongside its short travel time to London, value for money, price growth (short/medium/long term), cleanliness and beaches and education.

Recent regeneration projects happening across the town also aim to further contribute to Ramsgate's ongoing history as a UK seaside favourite, including the new Royal Sands Ramsgate development, steps away from Ramsgate Main Sands, providing residents stunning sea views and luxury coastal living.

To learn more, visit the Royal Sands Ramsgate website here.