July 28, 2021

How surrounding yourself with blue spaces and nature can boost your health and wellbeing

Research suggests that people living in high population density areas are more likely to experience mental health disorders, while the benefits of blue and natural spaces have been well documented.

How surrounding yourself with blue spaces and nature can boost your health and wellbeing

Michael Georgiou, a PhD researcher at the school of health and life sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) Scotland, has worked with the World Economic Forum to understand how living near blue spaces and nature can improve your overall health.

The health benefits of green spaces and natural settings are already well known; Studies suggest that people closer to nature are less stressed, have a greater overall mood and improved mental health.

But researchers are now looking at the health benefits of living near water. Studies have already shown that people living near water have a lower risk of premature death, a lower risk of obesity and generally report better mental health and wellbeing.

Georgiou and his fellow researchers at GCU conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of all evidence around how blue spaces positively impact health. Results showed that living closer to or around blue spaces significantly increases physical activity levels, lowers stress and anxiety, boosts moods, and improves psychological wellbeing.

Living near water has also been proven to reduce the gap between less and more affluent areas in the risk of dying prematurely. Most studies into blue spaces and living near water have taken place in coastal towns.

A fellow study from Dr Melissa Weinberg, specialising in subjective wellbeing and happiness at Michigan State University, showed that sea views facilitate greater mental wellbeing. The study found 'blue space' makes us feel more content and less stressed:

"Now, think about taking the brain into a wide-open space where it likes to be, such as a beach, where your visual field literally extends until the horizon. That facilitates the process of the brain returns to its default mode, where it usually functions best, enabling it to daydream, imagine, and be creative."

In another study, researchers using virtual reality to provide blue space visuals found that people saw blue spaces as restorative, fascinating and preferable to the built-up environment.

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