June 8, 2021

An inside guide to living on the coast

More homebuyers are moving from cities to the seaside, taking advantage of a new lease of life coastal living offers.

An inside guide to living on the coast

The latest Property Market Index report highlighted a 20% rise in coastal property prices over five years, compared to a 10% rise in property prices in London. After the outbreak of COVID-19, more city dwellers began took advantage of the new normal of working from home, using the opportunity to relocate nearer to the sea.

So what are the benefits of living on the coast that is attracting so many to relocate to the seaside?


Recent studies have shown multiple physical and mental health benefits to living by the sea. Studies have found that sea air is cleaner, fresh, and carries higher oxygen levels; you’re also more likely to exercise when living by the coast.

Living by the sea can make you happier, too; a recent study has found living by the sea and being surrounded by blue spaces will improve your overall happiness.

Sports and outdoors

With the sea, beaches, and wildlife reserves all nearby, there’s always plenty to do. Watersports such as surfing, sea swimming, and paddleboarding are on your doorstep, or you can enjoy your time on the sands playing frisbee, running, or taking a long walk, among other things.

Why not enjoy local nature spots too? The coast is one of the best places for wildlife, being the perfect environment for animals and plantations.


Many coastal towns have a range of high-quality food establishments to choose from, making the coast a perfect place to live for any foodies. Seafood is the first choice, with many restaurants using the local produce to create the best dishes, but with more restaurants also moving to the coast, more variety has followed.

More coastal areas are embracing pop-up restaurants, too, bringing different flavours to the coast as well as a constant flow of cuisine.


More homebuyers are moving to the coast for the lifestyle, as you have the perfect mix of community and tranquility. Seaside towns tend to attract many events and festivals, making it a fun place to be, but you can also find coastal sunsets, stunning views, and perfect relaxation spots to enjoy.

Being by the coast, you’re often close to other coastal towns and well connected to central locations, too, so getting around is not an issue either.

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